QDashboardHelper Webpart

QDashboardHelper for SharePoint 2010 and 2013+

QDashboardHelper allows you to use your existing Microsoft Reporting Services (SSRS) reports to create interactive, fast and functional dashboards; with the highest level of control and customization capabilities that no other dashboarding tool can provide.

Traditional SSRS reports are known as paginated reports and with some basic built-in interactive capabilities. QDashboardHelper provides additional functionality to reports:

  • Allows you to place multiple reports in a dashboard page and have them interact with each other and with other applications
  • Allows users to add comments to the data in your reports, open pop-up dialogs, etc.
  • Dashboard pages can be created using the out of the box SharePoint Dashboard Designer or create your own custom page if you wish.

MOBILE FRIENDLY: QDashboardHelper presents these same dashboards so that they are mobile friendly on tablets and phones. That is, one dashboard for all browsers.

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